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Ed Rilkoff, Director.

For complaints, please call our Consumer Relations Department at 1-888-427-5772.

The Utility Division has 25 staff members in the following bureaus: Accounting, EconomicsEngineering, and Telecommunications. The Utility Division serves as staff to the Commission in the regulation of electric, natural gas, renewable energy resources, telecommunications, and water and wastewater systems. The Utility Division also represents the public interest in utility matters before the Commission. The Division makes presentations to the Commission in the form of testimony and exhibits to ensure that adequate utility and telecommunications services are provided at fair, just and reasonable rates.

2013 Regular Session House Bill 175


Severe Weather Event of February, 2011 and its Cascading Impacts on NM Utility Service

Customer Deposit Interest Rate

Customer Deposit Interest Rate for 2024 is 3.93%. Click here to view.

NMAC Title 17 Public Utilities and Utility Services

New Mexico Statement of Gross Receipts - Utilities