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The Consumer Relations Division (CRD) is dedicated to establishing and maintaining quality consumer services among those industries overseen by the Public Regulation Commission. CRD takes its role in consumer education very seriously.    !       

CRD investigates consumer inquiries and acts as the outreach office for the Commission by developing and implementing public awareness programs and making consumers aware of their Consumer Rights and Tips, per 2010 NMSA 1978 8-8-8.

This website is provided to our consumers as a courtesy, and for informational purposes only. The site was established to assist consumers in locating general information that provides the answers to many commonly-asked questions. It was not intended to settle policy, billing, or contractual disputes. As Utility terms and conditions vary, we encourage consumers to review their policies, terms and conditions, utility bills, etc., as the primary sources of accurate information regarding their accounts. Please find a list of consumer complaint filing, contact information, rates and rules for companies here.

The information on this website does not in any way substitute for that contained in the New Mexico statutes or the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission rules and regulations. The site cannot provide legal clarification or advice of any sort; if you have legal questions, please consult with an attorney.

If you have an inquiry or complaint involving a utility or transportation company operating in New Mexico, please do not hesistate to contact our office for immediate assistance. We will investigate the complaint details, and if the company is not in compliance with regulatory statutes, file a complaint on your behalf against the company in question.