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Step 1: Make sure that the company is under the regulatory authority of the NMPRC.
Step 2: Please read Consumer Rights and Tips and our Consumer’s Frequently Asked Questions:

Consumer Rights and Tips

Customer Frequently Asked Questions

*If the issue regards rates, please review Find Your Utility to view NMPRC approved tariffs.

Find Your Utility

Step 3: We strongly suggest that consumers first discuss the issue with the company.
Step 4: If the situation cannot be resolved, please submit an Informal Complaint so we may mediate on your behalf with the company to provide assistance.
Step 5: Formal Complaint

If you are unsatisfied with the resolution of your informal Transportation or Utility informal complaint, you may file a formal complaint for a $25 fee that may be heard in front of the Commission.

Please pay careful attention to support your claim on: “A statement of any laws, rules, orders, tariffs, certificates of public convenience and necessity, or operating authorities alleged to have been violated;”

PLEASE NOTE that it may take significant time (up to 3 months) for the Commission to hear formal complaints because the Commission is also hearing ratemaking cases. We appreciate your patience. Commission Rule provides, “Discontinuance of service prohibited: A utility or telecommunications provider shall not discontinue service to a customer or issue a notice of discontinuance of service relative to the matter in dispute once a formal complaint has been filed, except as otherwise authorized by law or commission rule. Charges which are not in dispute must continue to be paid on time and in full by the complainant or be subject to other applicable commission rules regarding disconnection or discontinuance of service.”