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The Chief of Staff is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the commission staff under the direction of the commission and serves at the pleasure of the commission. The Chief of Staff serves as the most senior non-elected position and primary advisor and administrator to five elected Officials.

With the consent of the Commission, the Chief of Staff appoints the Division Directors of the Transportation, Consumer Relations, Administrative Services, and Utility Division, as well as the State Fire Marshal.

In addition to the above the Chief of Staff is responsible for:

  • Preparing and monitoring an $11 million Budget
  • Overseeing all personnel issues and processes
  • Support to Commissioners Office and Staff
  • Support for all Commission meetings and functions.
  • Enforcement of Commission policies and procedures.
  • Advices, prepares and oversees strategic planning process and development
  • Serves as primary liaison with the New Mexico Legislature
  • Serves as primary liaison with Governors Administration
  • Responsible for all property and equipment accountability
  • Responsible for welfare, safety and day to day activities of 154 employees
  • Oversees preparation of prehearing matters and procedures for utility and transportation cases.
  • Oversees preparations for rate cases, rule makings and overall compliance actions.
  • Meets with members of the public and industry representatives on Commission matters.
  • Responsible for preparing Annual Report
  • Ensures implementation of new legislation affecting the Commission.

PRC Annual Reports